Coal Valley Processing

Coal Valley Processing is a Custom and Kansas State Inspected processor and retail meat counter. This link in the Coal Valley chain brings our story full circle. We are truly a Pasture-to-Plate ranch. Our retail counter offers a wonderful and wide variety of cuts as well as many specialty items created from our Coal Valley Angus stock. We have the best All Beef Snack Sticks, Summer Sausage, and smoked Brisket around. These specialty items are not only available on the retail side, but it is also offered for custom processing as well. We are one of few who offer such a wide selection of specialty items and options for custom processing. Give us a call to book your next beef or hog. We can take care of your custom processing, Kansas state processing (that allows you to retail sell your beef or pork in the state of Kansas), or if you just want to buy and stock your own freezer from our retail market. Our plant manager, Brady, has 28 years of experience and can answer any questions you have.

Processing Price Sheet
Beef Cut Sheet
Hog Cut Sheet

Please call us for assistance in filling out your cut sheet. We know it can be a bit confusing and we are more than happy to help.


Coal Valley Processing
317 E. Maple St.
Columbus, KS 66725

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM
1st and 3rd Saturday 10AM-1PM